About RetailerCodes

RetailerCodes.com, an e-commerce search site specializing in coupons, rebates, sales and free shipping offered by over thousands well-known companies.

Consumers visiting the site receive coupon codes to use for instant online purchases and, occasionally, can download and print coupons for in-store purchases. The site contains discounts offered by direct producers, online stores and discount online marketplaces. A wide range of name-brand companies have marketing partnerships with RetailerCodes.com, including Dell, Overstock.com, Eddie Bauer, Buy.com and Sephora.

Consumers search for deals at RetailerCodes.com by product, company name or service. Once a company is chosen, discount details are listed in chronological order. The site also links each deal to the company's e-commerce site, so consumers can immediately take advantage of discounts and purchase products.

RetailerCodes.com is updated daily to provide visitors with the most recent information and discounts available for products as companies constantly change the terms of their discounts. Consumers can also sign up to receive newsletter updates via e-mail to learn about the most recent coupons posted by their favorite companies.

RetailerCodes.com focuses on the consumer side of the shopping experience and is dedicated to giving consumers the tools they need to find the best deals online.